Nic Kuipers,
Design Director
“It’s clear, helpful and packed with helpful tips. I’m not even halfway through and I’ve already got a list of cool things to implement in my Keyshot Workflow. Money well spent!”

Stephan Vonwiller,
Industrial Designer
“Learned the workflow of a professional rendering from handling more complex materials, lightning and composition. Helps to increase the quality of my own renderings a lot.”

Michael Archer
“No matter what you think you know, this course has a massive amount of tips and tricks, and also a fantastic value for money training video. And on top you find some excellent resources and support materials included.”

Michael Planck,
Industrial Designer
“I’ve been using Keyshot for 4 years, but had no idea that it would be this easy to significantly improve my renders. I particularly enjoyed all the nifty tricks and shortcuts in both Keyshot and Photoshop. The introduction to creating a custom lighting environment and using the material graph, w. bumps etc. was great. The course was well explained and at a good pace. Learned a lot in a short time!”

Bruno Suraski,
Industrial Designer

“An overall in depth approach to KS regarding how to achieve professional 3D projects for Industrial Designers. I would say the strongest aspect of the video is how to learn to unleash the power of material-graph.”

Dušan Ristić,
Graphic Designer & Illustrator
“Thanks to Esben’s methodical and clear presentation, and resources given, I learned a lot about using Keyshot in much more effective way. To look at the master of his trade at work, and be guided through the process, invaluable! I’m looking forward to new tutorials!”

Marco Bonanni, 
Product Designer
“I’m really happy about Esben’s Keyshot course. It’s clear, easy to follow step-by-step but at the same time full of pretty tips and tricks only masters know. Can’t wait for the next one”

Paulo Kick,
Industrial Design Student
“Esben is a great teacher, I was able to learn how to develop practical and realistic results in a comprehensible way with this course.”


What setup is the course created on?
MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
Processor: 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

Is the course downloadable?
Yes. Right after your payment is processed you’ll get transferred to a side containing download links for all the chapters and resource files. You can download and keep the files as long as you wish.

Who is the course for?
The course is aimed at beginners and intermediate users of KeyShot, but advanced users will probably also pick up a new trick or two to add to their existing arsenal.

Does the course expire?
Nope. When you have downloaded the files they are yours to keep.

Do you offer refunds?
Yes. If you feel you didn’t learn anything from the course, there’s a 14-day money back guaranty. Write an e-mail to contact@esbenoxholm.com explaining what you had expected to learn from the course and you’ll get a refund.

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About the author

Esben Oxholm is a freelance CG artist with academic roots in industrial design engineering and lighting design. He loves creating product visualizations as it encompasses his interests for product design, cad-modeling, photography, retouching and lighting design.

He has been working professionally with KeyShot and Photoshop for more than five years and has been featured in CG magazines, won KeyShot specific contests and has done webinars, workshops and training at companies, unions and industrial design schools.

In this KeyShot video course he shares all the tricks and tips that he has picked up along the way.