Wellbeings CBD Nano Mist Inhaler

Client: Contest Submission – keyshot.com/wellbeings/
Responsibilities: Simulation/Animation, CMF design, shading, lighting, rendering, post editing, music editing

Entry for the #WellBeingsRender contest hosted by @Keyshot3D, @MNML_DSGN, @We.Are.WellBeings, @Theragun – keyshot.com/wellbeings/

The objective for the challenge was to ‘interpret the ‘calm’ and ‘relief’ in a beautiful WellBeings inhaler rendering’. With this piece, I tried to achieve that through a combination of motion, CMF design, color, and sound.

The Inhaler is bathed in a clear and soft key light and is grazed by a combination of orange and pink lights to subtly resembling the light at sunrise all while being caressed by a soft dark blue cloth moved by a refreshing breeze.

The CMF is close to the original. I added details to the materials and most notably a scalloped surface structure to the housing. The idea of this was to create a more natural/handcrafted feel to the injection molded (I assume) plastic, and also to give the user a heightened sense of tactility and something to fiddle with to help induce the calmness.

The music is paced at 60bpm, the same as a calm and relaxed heart rate in a normal person and it contains claps with long reverberation hinting at the sound of the CBD Nano Mist being released from the canister through the atomizer.

In the first 4 seconds of the animation, the camera is subtly zooming out and subtly zooming in, in the next 4. With this, I hoped to subconsciously add the effect of a calm rhythm of breathing, but I’m most likely going too far out here.

The submission earned me shared 3rd place and the CMF design was featured on lemanoosh.com


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