Fender Pro Series In-Ear Monitors

Client: Fender
Responsibilities: Shading, lighting, animation, post editing, music editing

As an avid hobby musician it was with great delight that Fender got in touch with a job to create an animation to help promote their new In-Ear Monitors.

The main purpose of the animation was to show the different finishes and variants of the in-ears while expressing energy and excitement. This was achieved through quick cuts, sudden movements and zooms set to fast paced music.

Along with the animation I also provided a set of still images to be used on the Pro In-Ear webshop site.

FenderIEM1 FenderIEM2 FenderIEM3 FenderIEM4


Esben Oxholm Freelance
Prins Valdemars Vej 31, 5000 Odense, Denmark
VAT No. 35737553