Logitech MX Vertical

Client: Logitech
Responsibilities: Model optimization, shading, lighting, animation, post editing

When I was approached by Logitech to be responsible for creating a short CG animation for a new mouse to be launched, I was quite excited! As a daily Logitech user it was an honor to help them bring a new product to the market.

The Logitech MX Vertical is a mouse designed to reduce muscle strain, decrease wrist pressure, and improve posture. The aim for the animation was to reflect these qualities while slowly revealing the ergonomic shape. This was achieved through slow and fluid motions starting up close and working the way back to show the full shape of the mouse and its 57 degree angle.

The animation is set in a white almost nonexistent stage to underline the lightness and health-improving benefits, coupled with lighting carefully positioned to subtly enhance the perception of ergonomic shape and texture design of the MX Vertical.

Besides the full product animation, Logitech has incorporated individual clips in behind-the-scenes videos and on the online product page. Learn more about the Logitech MX Vertical at https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/mx-vertical-ergonomic-mouse


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