Design is a job. It sure is… And when starting out as a freelancer or starting up a small design studio, it can be quite a tough job to make head and tail of it all. How do I get clients? How much should I charge? What should I put into the contract? Do I need a contract at all? How should I present my work for the client and how shall I react to not always nicely delivered and constructive feedback? How do I make sure that I get paid for my hard work? Phew…

All these questions and a few more are fortunately asked and answered by Mike Monteiro, the co-founder and design director of Mule Design. In a light and humorous way he shares his experiences and hard learned lessons in order to help the reader avoid doing the same mistakes.

I really recommends this book for all starting doing freelance business of any kind. I’m sure it will save you a lot of time of tedious trial and error. Also, I think companies working with freelancers can learn a thing or two that will help create a successful cooperation.

To get a sense of the author and the tone in the book watch this great speak about getting paid.