In this tutorial I show how easy it is to make specific parts of your rendering glow using photoshop.

Hi everyone. Esben Oxholm here. In today’s tutorial I want to show you how I use photoshop to makes things glow. Like these three buttons here. They could use some glow to look better. If you want to follow along at home you can go to my gumroad page,, and download this practice scene package, where this scene 3 is included. Along with the raw rendering directly from KeyShot you’ll get a PSD for the final image with all the post processing that has been done to it. You can go through all these layers by yourself and see how they affect the final image. You’ll also get the KeyShot KSP which includes this scene with all the lighting setup and material setups. You can go into the material graphs and have a look at each material and see how it is set up and so on. A lot of stuff to dig into.

Let’s get into the glow. The first step is to select the material that you want to glow… or to have a glow around. There are several ways to do that. One of them is to simply take the magic wand tool and use that to select the area which sometimes work fine and sometimes does not. You can see here it is a bit tough to get the edges totally clean. It would work but there is another way to do it, if you have outputted a clown pass from KeyShot, you can use that to make clear selections of the material.

With the selection active I go ahead and create a new layer and click this layer mask button to use the active selection as a layer mask. Then I want to fill the layer with a color. To do that I press I on the keyboard to select the color picker. I left click and go for the brightest area on this button. Then I click alt+backspace to fill the layer with the color. So far so good.

The next step is to apply some gaussian blur to the layer. This step is really just about eyeballing the look that you want for your glow. I guess that… or I’m not guessing – I think that something around a radius of 70 looks pretty cool for this purpose. You can see how it is already making a big difference. Maybe I will turn down the opacity a bit. This is actually basically how I make things glow.

Sometimes I add another layer and use a soft brush to paint on top of the glow, to create a more diffuse glow. I turn down the opacity to something like 30. Sometimes I also try out different blending modes and I encourage you to do that as well, to find the option that gives you the best look. I guess this looks pretty cool. Too much diffuse glow.

That looks pretty good. That is how I make things glow. Thank you so much for stopping by and watching this. Please subscribe and like if you think it was helpful and you want to see more of this and if you want to help other people just like you find this resource. Until next time – take care!